Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tips on Preventing Head Lice

Do you remember having head lice as a child and if so do you remember how you got them? I
remember as a child I had picked up a pair of Mickey mouse ears at Disney World while on vacation. When returned back to daycare, all the other children wanted to try them on and of course I let them. However, within a few days my head began to itch and you can draw the conclusion as to what happened next. Head lice spreads easily among children; however there are several great tips for how to deter head lice from deciding to take up residence in your child(s) hair.

Every year I have noticed a notable increase in head lice when school goes back in session after summer break most likely because all the new interactions that occur and close contact that the children have with each other. While this happens predominately in elementary school, preschool and even high schools can be affected as well due to the siblings. However, by following theses few tips you may be able to prevent your child from getting head lice in the first place:

  • Long hair should be kept in a pony or up do
  • Child's hair should be blown dry each night after bathing 
  • Place gel or hair grease into the child's hair
  • Do not allow your child to share hats and/or with others 
  • Use an all natural head lice prevention shampoo, such as Fairy Tales

 By following these few simple rules you have a much better chance of keeping your family free of head lice and the laborious challenges that goes along with removing it once your child has contracted it from another child; however that's another blog post on its own. In addition, good communication with your child's teacher is a big help.

For example, your child attended a family git together or birthday party and you were later notified that a child or children are now affected with head lice. Notifying your child's school allows the teachers and staff to be more vigilant for any signs or symptoms as well as performing additional head lice checks.

Remember that head lice typically is attracted to clean hair. The common misconception among society is that head lice flourishes in children with dirty hair and poor hygiene, while this is not the case.

Please share your tips and secrets for preventing head lice... Thanks in advance!   

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